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Welcome to the your local marketing and IT agency, wherever you are

We believe in being grounded, performing the best IT-support, system development and delivering great content in a no-nonsense way.  This approach delivers lasting results. 

Wherever you are based, we offer personal service without the hype to meet your needs. 

Welcome to 100 Procent i Sandviken AB. 

Our areas:

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IT Security – Microsoft Office 365 – System Development

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Homepage – Web shop – Content – App development

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Strategy – Branding – Social media – Printed Matters

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Photography – Film Making

Our job is not to assume things about your customers and audience

Our job is to figure out how your target group works and help you reach out to them in the best possible way.  

Making sure that you get what you need by building content and strategies based on an analysis of the facts: this makes our service worth your while. 


We learn with our customers as we work together and believe in mutual understanding. That is one of the reasons our company car runs on hydrogen and why our rooftop is covered in solar panels. And why we decided to go all in on working even harder with continuous improvements for our health and environment at work. We simply enjoyed and learned from the projects we were in together with our customers and so onthing led to another. 

We’ll stand by your side from start and hopefully our relationship will last for a long time to come. This is why our business is sustainable and endures.    

We would love to talk to you!

We like our customers

Here are some of them:
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Your business deserves 100 percent attention.


För våra kunder så har vår supportavdelning öppet mellan 8.30 – 16.30 under vardagarna. Du kan ringa, maila eller helt enkelt fylla i formuläret nedan, så går ditt ärende in i vårat ticketsystem.

Vi återkommer till dig så fort som möjligt.

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